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    Brilliant BGP

    • No.:KX30
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    1. Detailed information
    BGP series is A kind of general fluorescent pigment tinting strength is strong, can be used in the paper, paint, silk screen printing ink, plastisol ink and gravure type "A" low polarity such as system. Main application ? paper ? ? water-based and non aqueous system gravure and flexographic printing ink ? ? silk screen printing ink and fabric paint and spray painting ? plastisol ? ? garment dyeing coating product features and advantages ? strong tinting strength Which can realize flexible formula, and increase the use value ? complete fluorescent color palette provide a wide range of colors available ? strong compatibility Available in many medium preparation Paint specification size 1 3-5 microns Scraper fineness 5.5 softening point of about 145-145 ° F decomposition temperature of 570 ° F to 580 ° F the proportion of 2, 1.3 than solute (0.0856 1 gallon/lb) by laser diffraction method

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