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    Covestro 2256

    • No.:KX30
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    1. Detailed information
    Part 1: the chemicals and corporate logo product identification CRELAN VPLS 2256 substances or recommend use and restrictions on the use of the mixture Application: industrial or commercial applications in coating curing agent security specifications maker details: the supplier name: bayer materials science and technology (China) co., LTD. Address: Shanghai caojing Shanghai chemical industry park mu hua road 82 zip code: 201507 (86) 21-6146-8282 fax: (86) 21-86-8585 - e - mail: productsafety@bayerbms.com emergency telephone: emergency consultation telephone number: in case of emergency, please call (86) - 532-83889090 fire emergency telephone number (86) 119
    Part 2: summary of dangerous substances or mixture of classification GHS - classification: according to GHS is not harmful chemicals. GHS pictograms - According to GHS is not harmful chemicals.
    Part 3: components/composition information product types: material based on the enclosed aliphatic IPDI polyisocyanate Including: chemical name: e - caprolactam e - caprolactam content [weight - %] : < 3.5 GHS - classification: acute toxicity of 4 inhaled H332 acute toxicity of 4 through the mouth H302 draize 2 H319 specificity target organ system toxicity () a contact 3 H335 skin irritation 2 H315 chemical name: isophorone diisocyanate isophorone diisocyanate content [weight - %] : < 0.1 GHS - classification: acute toxicity inhaled H330 1 2 H315 eye stimulate skin 2 H319 airway sensitization H334 skin allergy 1 H317, heterosexual target organ system toxicity (a contact


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