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    GT Chmicals DS-800

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    1. Detailed information
    DS - 800 indoor physical matting agent
    A, an overview of the DS - 800 is a new type hybrid powder coatings with matting agent. Compared with the traditional matting agent, excellent extinction effect, resistance to yellowing, good storage stability, impact resistance, surface hardness and scratch resistance, etc.
    Second, the technical parameters of 1, appearance: yellow to white powder, softening point, 2:130-135 ℃, volatile % : 1.0 or less
    Three, application and performance 1, recommended by 5/5 polyester, if formula extinction difficulties, just add a small amount of 70/30 polyester in formula. 2, together with all other components of mixture in the mixer, and then through the extruder extrusion. 3, on the same path of specular powder pollution is small, the baking temperature sensitivity. 4, the dosage of extinction performance: for 4-5%, dark luster (60) @ 2.3% minimum degree, minimum degree of gloss white (5.0% @ 60). Good flow property and resistance to yellow degeneration. 5, powder coating of the preparation of the matting agent has a good repeat extrusion performance; And gloss stability.
    4, packing and storage: 1, high quality polyethylene lining, double layer of kraft paper packing, net weight 25 kg. 2. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption, and should immediately after use


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