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    GT Chmicals XG-2000

    • No.:KX30
    • Brand :
    • Weight:
    1. Detailed information
    One, the overview of XG - 2000 used for pure polyester TGIC powder system, under a fairly low dosage (0.5 ~ 1%), 12 ~ 30% can be obtained. With the extinction of inferior smooth outdoor powder of low cost, good resistance to yellow, hou, and has excellent mechanical properties. The product can be used for 12 ~ 30% gloss outdoor powder extinction (polyester) or outdoor a two-component extinction powder department further reduce the luster and improve gloss stability.
    Second, the technical indicators appearance: white fine powder Melting point: 105 ~ 115 ℃
    Three, the reference formula (0.5 1% added amount, 12-30 luster
    Four, point 1, high purity, low amount, extinction effect is good, easy to disperse, workers, easy to operate 2 3, charged
    Note 1 and XG - 2000 extinction performance is associated with pure polyester choice, before using this product recommendations accordingly cooperate on polyester, such as the giant 3307, 4 et excalibur, Allnex / 2441, DSM5240 low luster. 2, outside must be noticed when mixed with mixing uniformity, generally with a small amount of finished powder first according to certain proportion (9:1) high speed dispersing XG - 2000 and again after the finished powder in proportion to the v-shaped tank and sift.


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