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    GT Chmicals DS-1000

    • No.:KX30
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    1. Detailed information
    DS - 1000 silver plating effects
    An overview, DS - 1000 used to increase the smoothness of powder coating, to improve the directional alignment of adding aluminium powder, wetting property and degree of loose, he attached powder on the surface of a light layer of membrane, thereby increasing the whiteness and metal coating. Is suitable for various plus metal powder, such as silver, copper, gold, pearl powder. To join DS - 1000 to the plating silver powder coating formula, under the perfect binding process, burnish can reach more than 500% @ 25, is a masterpiece of replace electroplating surface treatment.
    2. The technical parameters of 1, appearance: micronization of white powder, melting process, 2:125-175 ℃, volatile: 0.5% or less
    4, packing and storage: 1, the high quality of chemical film, with double polyethylene plastic bags, net weight 25 kg per barrel. 2. Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption, and should be closed immediately after use, away from the fire. 3, based on our experience of this product at ﹤ 32 ℃ and unopened storage temperature is valid for at least two years.

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