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To promote comprehensive utilization of salt cave exploration of the industrialization of the new profit modes

2016-07-13 16:48:36 GT Chemicals Read
Salt rock salt mining cave is a kind of non-renewable resources, if the technology properly, can become a crude oil, refined oil, natural gas and other industrial waste, the ideal storage place, should actively promote industrialization and socialization of our country's comprehensive utilization of salt cavity. This is China chemical industry news reporters from October 23, held in Beijing international seminar on the third salt cave use.
China national salt industry corporation chairman, party secretary Li Yaojiang said that at present, the world has the development and utilization of salt hole more than 2000, and the number is growing, but mostly in western countries. In this field in China is still in its infancy stage, has not yet formed a complete industrial chain, has a great gap with the world advanced level. For this purpose, the salt in the head office is through experience summary and promotion of jintan salt, actively promote the comprehensive utilization of salt cavity of industrialization and socialization in our country, to explore new economic growth point and profit model.
CNPC drilling engineering technology research institute senior engineers guang-jie yuan think, low oil price will maintain for a long time, so the current and the next few years is a good time for the construction of oil depots. The actual oil reserves is far lower than other big consumers in our country, from the perspective of national energy security, speed up the underground salt cavity natural gas reserve and strategic petroleum reserve is imperative.
The meeting also discussed for the first time the possibility of salt cavity compressed air energy storage power station construction. According to introducing, compressed air energy storage power station in the valley of power load of discontent will power supply during the load motor to drive the air compressor, high pressure air in the underground empty stored. With peak demand during the peak load, and then to the introduction of the high pressure air release and gas turbine combustion chamber and fuel mixture combustion, gas turbine turns a generator to drive as a generator to run.
Salt in the meeting by jintan salt co., LTD and Germany SOCON sonar, jintan salt cavity measuring company jointly organized search empty measuring consulting services company. From petrochina, sinopec, relevant research institutes and salt chemical industry experts and scholars, as well as Germany, France and other rock salt mining, engaged in the cavity of new technology application, and gas storage management experts share salt was studied using experience and shows the latest results.

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