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For our domestic market performance moderate salt city supply exceeds demand contradiction is obvious

2016-07-13 16:47:18 GT Chemicals Read
For our domestic market, haiyan autumn steak work draws to a close, the market for our incremental reduction, but two alkali downstream enterprise procurement is stable, lack of support to the salt city, salt city supply exceeds demand contradiction is obvious, expected market outlook for our low prices cannot alter pattern.
Low consolidation area in qinghai lake salt market. Area and hub in lake salt to at 190-230 yuan/ton, the downstream demand enterprise construction, actual export is difficult to meet, the lake salt in foshan market there is expected to maintain a weak consolidation pattern.
Henan region market well mineral salt narrow the area well mineral salt factory price in 260-300 yuan/ton, local downstream two alkali enterprise stable construction, procurement of raw salt could maintain the normal level, merchants trading enthusiasm, short-term supply and demand pattern is difficult to have change, expect the area well mineral salt in the afternoon market stability.

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