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Sharp titanium type titanium dioxide prospect evaluation

2016-07-13 16:45:44 GT Chemicals Read
Entered since 2016, China's sharp titanium type titanium pigment production capacity about 500000 tons. About a third of them in guangxi province (including the jin MAO, lily, with the wind, dahua, flying saucer, etc.). And 200000 tons of dispersed in sichuan province (tianlun, xinhua, innovate, titanium sea sharp titanium capacity), Shanghai (peng bo), guangdong (yunfu), jiangsu (float in the sky, macro feng titanium, titanium south part sharp capacity), anhui (at some sharp titanium capacity, super color), shandong (yuxing real part and the sea, sharp titanium capacity), yunnan (longteng, big exchange), etc.
Although in recent years, with the rapid development of titanium dioxide industry, the relevant manufacturer's production scale has been expanded, but because the affected by the application. Domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers most efforts to develop in the direction of rutile, because, in contrast, the compact structure of rutile crystals, relatively stable, optical activity is small, so the good weather resistance, and have high covering power and decolorization, belongs to the high-end product of titanium dioxide.
So, the domestic many sharp titanium titanium pigment production plants are modified after upgraded to rutile titanium dioxide production plants, gave up sharp titanium type titanium pigment production. And the original rutile titanium dioxide factory in order to expand market share, is expanding production capacity, from beginning to 16 years of today, 09 capacity has reached more than 3 million tons.
Production capacity is expected to have nearly 1 million, available at any time.
For rutile many companies are on a large scale expansion, cost greatly reduced, and lead to sharp titanium in the difference of the price above is not obvious, use effect in many areas is not a level above.
The final result is that in recent years, a large number of customers start using sharp titanium rutile titanium dioxide, the current domestic sharp titanium type customer accounts for some 20% of the titanium dioxide customers only, the proportion in the next few years will be narrowed.
In addition, the shortage of titanium ore resources, some problems such as foreign market impact, make the development of titanium sharp type titanium dioxide industry is limited by a certain degree.
In order to get rid of the predicament, sharp titanium type titanium pigment production plants, their products are changing, the proportion of titanium sharp type titanium dioxide series is toward the development of special titanium pigment, and the trend of development is very significant.
In titanium white production capacity is more than demand today, sharp titanium type titanium pigment in terms of applicability and far weaker than rutile type titanium pigment, and the national standard of living is rising again, so in the next five years, will shrink further sharp titanium type titanium pigment market share, prices, tend to be weak.

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